July 4, 2014 – 6 Tammuz 5774

Well our plane finally took off last night, over two hours late, which meant that there was no way I was going to make the maariv minyan in the STL Agudah in U City. Upon landing my son-in-law told me that he had arranged for a minyan to come to his house so that I could learn a mishna and say a kaddish derabbanan. They had already davened maariv but were more than willing to come out at 11pm to make a minyan for me. We arrived at the house and immediately the knocks on the front door started. More than a minyan of men came out so that I could say kaadish. Once again I am astounded by the kindness of others.

This incident does raise a question for me. Is it proper for me to impose on others like this? Yes, they are doing a chesed shel emes for the departed and a chesed for me, but do I have the right to ask others to leave their homes at 11pm just so I can say kaadish? A question I will need to get some guidance on.

In Chesterfield, where my daughter lives, the shul davens nussach Sefard. I daven nussach Ashkenaz. But as is becoming quite clear to me, a side benefit of being an aveil who travels is that by necessity I am becoming proficient in various nuschaos. In Boston it was nussach Ari. In Chesterfield it is nussach Sefard.

In any event, it will soon be Shabbos and with Shabbos comes an extra benefit. I do not have to worry about minyanim.

A good Shabbos to all.

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