August 29, 2014 – 3 Elul 5774

I am quite sure that I have discovered one of the Satan’s most potent weapons to keep me from saying kaddish – flight delays! Allow me to explain. We were to leave Israel Monday on a 10:40 am flight. Late Sunday, via email, we were informed that the flight departure was delayed to 2 pm. That was ok as it gave a few extra hours to enjoy Jerusalem while still giving me plenty of time to find a maariv minyan in New York.

Monday I woke up early and attended the 6 am shachris minyan at Yeshurun. So far so good. We left for the airport at 10:30 am, got through security etc. in no time, and planted ourselves in the King David Club. I asked at the Chabad tefilin outpost what time the mincha minyan would be held and they told me 1:15pm. Perfect. We “shmayed around” the duty free shops for a while and then went back to the club only to learn that our flight was now delayed another two hours. Maariv was now at risk.

At 1:10 I went to the airport shul and davened mincha.

We boarded the flight at 4 pm but the plane did not take off until 5 pm. We landed at JFK at 10 pm and did not get to our car until after 11 pm. Maariv with a minyan was now out of the question. Once again air travel delays did me in!

We got home at 3 am. I slept for an hour or so, helped Marilyn with the kids so they could get off for their flight to Saint Louis, and made the 7:30 am shachris minyan at YISE. Our amazing and inspirational visit to Israel with Moshe and Adina was now officially over. I was back to saying kaddish in galus.

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