September 4, 2014 – 9 Elul 5774

Tonight I finally beat the Satan at his own game. I had to be in Columbus today for an all day meeting. To make minyanim, I departed BWI on a 9:30 pm flight last night. While that meant that I did not get to my hotel until after 11 pm it enabled me to make maariv and day kaddish before I left for the airport. Shachris was per my Columbus routine. Leave the hotel a little after 6am, go to Ahavas Shalom for the 6:40 minyan, return to my hotel and go to my meeting.

Mincha maariv was going to be a bit more dicey. Mincha was at 6:20pm and my flight was at 8 pm. Since I had to drive to the airport, return the rental car, and get through security all in time to board, I decided that I would daven mincha, leave for the airport and with luck , upon my return to Maryland, make the end of maariv at the Yeshiva or worst case try and put a minyan together at the Yeshiva to answer a kaddish deraban after I learned a mishna. Not the preferred approach but given the time for davening and flight schedules it seemed like the best plan I could come up with.

I went to shul for mincha and while there checked my Southwest app for my flight status. Lo and behold my flight was delayed, first 15 minutes than an hour. Little did the Satan know that this flight delay worked in my favor. I was able to stay for maariv and say kaddish. I even had time to run to the kosher supermarket to get something to eat!

For once I defeated the Satan at his own game! Thank G-d!

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