October 22, 2014 – 28 Tishrei 5775

Saying kaddish this week has been fairly routine; my regular shachris minyan; mincha at 1:45 pm at the Agudah office and maariv at 10 pm at the Yeshiva. That does not mean that I am not stressing about saying kaddish. Quite to the contrary, I am planning my travel for the next two weeks and flight schedules, meeting times and minyanim do not easily fit together.

Next week I will be in Columbus on Tuesday, New York on Thursday and the following week I will be in San Francisco for a few days. Add to that that we move the clock back an hour next Saturday night. This means that mincha maariv will be late afternoon/early evening. Making it all work will not be simple. I am already looking at extra travel days and alternative flight schedules. Even then I am not sure that I can make it all work.

Whoever said that saying kaddish is easy.

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