October 27, 2014 – 3 Cheshvan 5775

It is only Monday and my saying kaddish stress level is already quite high.

Yesterday, we drove to New York For Shaya Hirtz’s wedding. It was my first ever “go to a chuppa as an aveil”. I avoided the music for the most part and left immediately after the chuppa. Thank G-d minyanim yesterday worked out without any complications. I davened mincha at 1:45 pm at B’nai Yeshurun in Teaneck. I could not believe how large the minyan was.


Then I davened maariv right after the chupa at the wedding, got in the car drove for four hours and got home at mid night.

Upon my arrival to the office this morning I began to drill down on my travel for this and next week. While this week should be relatively manageable ( I may miss a maariv Tuesday night) next week looks like it will be “impossible”. I have to go to the San Francisco area and between flight schedules, limited minyanim in San Francisco and meeting times, it appears quite likely that I will miss. The only question is how many times will I miss saying kaddish. Quite frankly, I am almost at the point where I may try and get out of going.

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