November 25, 2014 – 3 Kislev 5775

This past week saw me return to cities previously traveled and for which I had “figured out” minyanim. So when I returned to New York City last Tuesday for a meeting I knew the train schedule which I had to make in order to make all my minyanim; an after 8:00 am Acella to NY from the BWI train station and a 6:00 pm Acella back. One of the lawyers with whom I was meeting advised me of a shul very close to his office with a 1:00 pm mincha minyan. The shul, known as Congregation Talmud Torah Aderet El, is located on 29th Street between Lexington Ave and 3rd Avenue in the Murray Hill section of New York. Though I grew up in New York I never knew this shul existed. Interestingly, it was established after the Civil War in 1857 and has the distinction of being New York’s oldest synagogue in its original location with continuous services. It is a beautiful shul which is now experiencing a revival. As promised the minyan began exactly at 1:00 pm and concluded in time for me to make my meeting a few blocks away.

Sunday I was in Saint Louis and was returning on the same 3:00pm Southwest flight to DCA as we had done a few weeks ago. That meant I had to daven mincha with the high school at MTI, Missouri Torah Institute. The minyan was at 12:45 pm and even though it was Rosh Chodesh they still davened a “heicha kedusha”. I was done by 1:00 pm – plenty of time to make my return flight home.

Next week my travels will take me back to New York City and then to Denver. My planning for Denver has already begun. Stay tuned!

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