December 1, 2014 – 9 Kislev 5775

After a week of no travel, I am on the road again. Today is New York City and tomorrow night I travel to Denver for a day trip returning Wednesday night. Since this is my third trip to New York City in a month I have my routine down pat. Shachris at my regular minyan in Silver Spring, Amtrak to New York, mincha most likely at Aderet Beth El and return in time for the 10:00 pm maariv at the Yeshiva.

To prepare for my trip to Denver I have to go to Dulles airport at 11:00 pm to walk a construction job for my new client in Denver. I should be there until about 2:00 am. I still have to make my regular shachris minyan tomorrow because of a client conference call set for 8:00 am. I plan on davening mincha/maariv at YISE tomorrow at 4:30 pm and then go to BWI for my flight to Denver. I have researched minyan possibilities in Denver and have not fully decided where I will daven. I am leaning towards going to a Chabad shachris minyan instead of the other shuls in the heart of the jewish community because this minyan is about ten minutes closer to my client and to where I will be staying. Another advantage is that Chabad has two extra recitations of kaddish at the end of the service which will come in handy for me given that I do not know if I will be able to make mincha/maariv on Wednesday afternoon. Mincha/maariv in Denver is at approximately 4:30 pm, I am flying back on a 6:00 pm flight and I have to get to the airport, return a rental car and get through security etc..

My trip to Denver is for a new client to whom I had to explain that I could not start our Wednesday meeting until 8:30 am because my mother passed away in May and I have to attend services in her memory for a year. I simply could not bring myself to tell him that I also have to leave early to make mincha/maariv. I am hoping that things will just work out that way and I will be able to go daven, say kaddish and then rush to the airport for my return flight. Time will tell.

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