March 27, 2015 – 7 Nissan 5775

My quick trip to New York this week was uneventful from a saying kaddish perspective. I arrived in Boro Park in the early evening and went straight to a well- known minyan factory on 13th Ave – the Shomer Shabbos shul; a small shul with a basement and a balcony. It literally has non-stop minyanim throughout the day in every room and crevice. I arrived just as a new mincha minyan was beginning in the main shul and davened with that minyan. I was a bit shocked when at the conclusion of aleinu I was the only person saying kaddish. That has surely not happened very often to me over the last ten months.


After a quick stop at Eichler’s I drove to the Turner wedding. Luckily, there was no music in the room where the chassan’s tish was being held so I was able to sit at the tish until the badeken began. The chupah was called for 7:30 pm, Chasidic standard time, and finally began at about 8:15 pm. After the chupah I caught a maariv minyan “in the hall” at the wedding and then drove to New Jersey to stay the night at my son Nachum’s home.

In the morning I made a 6:30 am shachris minyan and then drove back to DC.

This was supposed to be the final business travel of my aveilus. But as things turned out I will be travelling back to Columbus next week. My traveling saying kaddish experiences continues….

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