July 9, 2014 – 11 Tammuz 5774

I recall vividly my father a”h telling me many years ago how once, during his aveilus, he was conducting a closing in his office with a large group of business people in attendance. The closing lasted much longer than he had expected and late in the day it was still going on when he absolutely had to leave if he was going to make a Mincha minyan. Without hesitation he announced that he was leaving for 45 minutes to go say kaddish. The group, which included non-Jews, looked at him in disbelief, as if to say, “Are you kidding? We are all in the middle of this complicated deal and you are leaving?” He explained that he had no choice, got up, left, went to Mincha, said kaddish and returned 45 minutes later to complete the transaction.

This story was on my mind all through my aveilus for my father a”h 29 years ago and again now during my current aveilus. And a couple days ago I had a similar experience; though those present did not know why I left for twenty minutes. I was in a client meeting that was scheduled to end at 1:30 pm – more than enough time for me to go across the street to the Agudah minyan at 1:50 pm. Well, 1:30 pm came and went and the meeting did not end. At 1:40pm I announced that I had to leave for twenty minutes and would return. I got up, left, went across the street, davened Mincha, said kaddish and then returned to my meeting. Not a question asked. Not a negative word said.

Sheluchai mitzvah ainaom nizokin. A person on his way to perform a mitzvah is not harmed.

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