July 18, 2014 – 20 Tammuz 5774

I awoke to a dark world this morning; a world in which evil men shoot missiles at passenger planes flying 30,000 feet in the skies and kill 300 innocent people; a world in which the Jewish People are forced to send sons and daughters into battle against those who are actively fighting to destroy the land of Israel and to wipe the Jewish People off the face of the earth. And this morning Jews the world over awoke to one more kaddish – for Eitan Barak, Hy”d, a brave twenty year old IDF soldier – the first killed in the current war against Hamas.

Saying kaddish heighten one’s awareness and sensitivity to death. But one can never come to terms with the death of valiant Jews killed just because they were Jews. This month alone we have witnessed too many such murders.

Each morning we recite the blessing in which we bless the Almighty as “He who gives strength to the weary”. Almighty G-d, Master of the Universe, Your people are weary. Give us the strength to defeat our enemies. Bless your people with peace soon and in our days.

Good Shabbos.

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