August 9, 2014 – 13 Menachem Av 5774

With the saying of Havdalah my focus is now on our trip to Israel this week. We are very excited to go with our two oldest grandchildren – especially during this period in Israel’s history. We are looking forward to a meaningful and inspirational trip; one in which we experience not only the beauty of the promised land but also in which we share, in some modest way, supporting those who are defending us and comforting those who have sacrificed.

On Tisha Ba’Av, Rabbi Hersh Weinreb related that when he visited the shiva house of one of the three teenagers kidnapped and murdered by Hamas, there was a sign that read:

Am hanezech lo mefached mederech arukah” – The eternal people do not fear the long road ahead.

How extraordinary – Parents, suffering unimaginable pain, loss and sorrow yet unshaken in their faith and belief in the future.

This simple statement captures so much of what we have experienced over the last several weeks. It is this spirit that we hope to experience and these inspirational people, who live with this faith deep in their hearts, with whom we hope to connect.

And in some small way isn’t this theme what kaddish is (or should) be all about; acknowledging and recalling our loss daily –yet always in the context of expressing our never ending faith in the Almighty and in the ultimate redemption.

Shavua tov.

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